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Still here, still going


It's been a long while since Michael & I provided updates. Please accept our apologies! And thanks to the many of you that reached out through email, Twitter and Facebook!

For new folks, if you're interested in up-to-the-minutes updates updates, please follow us on Twitter & Facebook - we're actually pretty active there!

Chris is mostly on Twitter: @GoProFun, and in addition to updates on hikes and runs, there's #CoffeeFu every Sunday morning, plus plenty of witty repartee.

What's #CoffeeFu? It's a virtual matinee, brewed fresh each Sunday morning! We link to a Hong Kong kung fu film, provide cultural information plus cinematic background and insight, then live stream comments. You can, too! Just cue up the film, shout out your comments using the hashtag. That's it! To be sure, 99% of the time, we choose free flicks, so joining in is easy!

Michael is mostly on Facebook, and we have a Breaking Impossible page there too! Follow along for training updates and plenty of fun snark.

Still not enough?! Did you know we have a Breaking Impossible YouTube channel?

There's updates every week, subscribe to get every one! You can see our scouting of local trails in Washington and Florida which we are using for The Big One*. Those are whirlwind time warp videos, we use to stay familiar with some training routes. There are also plenty of calming scenery, captured at the end of these treks! Take your pick!

So, what's this website for?

The bigger thoughts, the longer reminisces and reflections. We've recently gotten the bad news that we're qualified for the 2022 Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge (#hk4tuc), preliminarily. To fully qualify we need to finish a 100 mile ultra within the allotted time. As we race to train and qualify, we're sure to have plenty of thoughts on what can and should be doing better.

Join in with us! Learn and laugh. What's the alternative? I guess we could cry about it? But what's the fun in that? We're going for it, and humor helps it all go down more easily, no?

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