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2020: Must We Resolve? (We Must)

It's that time of year, and for 2020, I'm conflicted. Generally, I like resolutions that I'm totally going to keep. You know, things like: eat lots of chocolate, have a cocktail or three, binge watch a bunch of shows. Yet, I also know that having a goal keeps things interesting, and motivates me to move forward.

What's a natural sluggard like me to do?

Goal it up, of course.

So, focusing on the big goal: Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge, here's what I have for 2020. I hope you'll follow along and help keep me honest!

An ultra in February, and two have caught my attention. I'll pick soon!

  • Both are interesting in and of themselves. In one, keep going for 24 hours - how far can you get? And the other, keep going all the way around Okeechobee (yes, the lake).

An ultra in springtime and this one looks amazing

  • Run across the Keys, then recover in Key West. Dandy!

An ultra in the fall

  • It's 100 miles, but you don't get the whole route at once. You get it every 20 miles or so. Perfect!

An ultra in the Winter

  1. Hong Kong 4in4 (298km, 185 miles) (around Christmas time)

  • The slightly less crazy way to do HK's four major trails - one a day, instead of consecutively in under three!

Less News, more literature

  • (Currently, I read a lot of newspaper(s). It's time to slow down and read more books, play more games. (Yes, they are literature!)

Mostly lacto-vegetarian

  • (That is, I'll mostly be vegetarian, but still eat dairy and "mostly" means 80%+ of the time. I might have a turkey sandwich!)

More kung fu practice

  • (At least twice more a week, total increase to be determined!)

There's an assortment of other things, but they feel more "background" and normal. I mean, to continue dealing with Haglund's, I'll be attempting to do more stretching with yoga. I want to increase the amount off writing and translation I'm doing. I hope to kick off a video game review channel (stay tuned!). While I'm resolved to do those, and more, they don't feel like I need to focus the resolve on them.

So, why resolve? It remains true for me, and many I know: having a goal reminds me to get up off the couch. It ensures that I inject activity into the day, and feel supremely rewarded for doing it. Each day can be a little celebration, and the bigger goals become festivals. Indeed, pushing often provides quite a bit of astonishment. "I didn't think I could do that!'s done."

So, while 2020 HK4TUC is not in the cards for me, I maintain it as a goal. The November recce showed I need to work on my distance, overnights and speed. All the events I've picked for 2020 will help in all those areas.

So, join us! Hit the road, or share your favorite goals and practices. Could be workouts, might be work - art, music, writing, or advancement at the office. Whatever it is, find a goal and share it, so that others can help keep you accountable. Like you all - hold my feet to the fire, folks.

Hope to see you on the journey. We're all out there together!

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