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August Review

Updated: May 15, 2020

Every month I review my activities. It's encouraging to look at the numbers, and often points out where I can do more. Even when the "more" is less - like getting more sleep! If you can't wait, the after-action reports are at the bottom. Scroll on down.

August is also the time when I review my gear, because as summer changes to fall it's a good idea to get prepared. Around here it can go from sunny, balmy blue skies to gray, drizzle pretty quick. The right shoes, clothes and hat can make all the difference.

Fave Keen, about to be retired.
Don't let the fish-eye fool you. My feet are the same size!

My favorite wet-weather shoes are these Keens (no paid endorsement, just a fan). Sadly, I think I will have to replace them very soon. While the uppers are still in terrific shape, the soles are clearly wearing through. The left foot heel edge and the ball of the foot cleats are wearing through to the under-lying material. While they're not going to leak, the traction and support must be weakening. The uneven wear is a reminder of my heel and ankle problems, and that I must continue taking care with my running form. After getting good medical advice, assuring me that the problem is not really a cause to slow down, as long as I take time to stretch, and to focus on raising my knees when running. Knees? Isn't the problem with heel? Yes, and when focusing on lifting the knee with each stride, as if lifting over a log, it helps ensure that my foot strikes the ground more evening (rather than on just the heel), and that any limp is minimized.

Left foot is taking a hit for the team, gotta' be careful
I'll have to pay attention even when walking

It got me to to thinking though. Are my other shoes showing similar wear? Should I be taking greater care with just walking around? It looks like - yeah. Check out these everyday "barefoot" shoes. The right one is also much more worn through. Who knew even walking would demand so much attention?!

August is also the time when I retire a equipment after a race, and look for good deals. This year I got a great deal, and so picked up to pairs. One for trail running, with much more cleat-like traction. The other for mixed surfaces, with a much more flat sole for spreading the impact. I thought it would be good to take some "before" pictures and next summer check on the "after" state. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, the action report for August. Not a bad number of sessions and distance. No really big push. The tall one on Aug. 31 was only a half marathon. Compared with July, when I got a couple 20+ milers in. Goal for September? Daily doubles. Gotta' get those in and get them up to 6 miles. Additionally, here's to trying to get 50+ in, maybe twice.

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