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Tire Flipping

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

The first crazy thing Chris and I did as an individual challenge was walk for 24 hours continuously around Lake Washington at the very beginning of our training for the big challenge of the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge (HK4TUC). More recently, we thought it would be a good idea to flip a 150-lb tractor tire for a mile. I got the idea after watching a video on Facebook of David Goggins doing it. It seemed impossible. We are not David Goggins.

We ended up doing it twice. The first time it was sunny and hot and it took us a while and it nearly killed me (Chris seemed to be taking it in stride). The second time we did it it was raining and we did it a little faster. It did not get easier. So we're going to do it again. In fact, we're planning to incorporate it into our training as a regular thing for building and maintaining strength and also as a test of our resolve. As Goggins says in the video, "Do something that sucks every day in constant pursuit of one's true capacity."

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