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What's With The Mailbox?

Updated: Mar 19

For 2025, the impossibility we're aiming for is the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge (see the map video below for the breakdown). Why? Because we think we can't do it. Because most people think they can't do it. In fact, the Challenge itself says it's for people who "get a thrill out of attempting something that they deem impossible and they expect likely to completely fail." Also, something about pain and suffering to get there.

Hey, that's us!

The clock is counting down to the 2025 challenge start time. Yes, we've re-set the clock! Chris qualified for the 2020 event, but due to a new job couldn't make the journey to participate. Michael volunteered in the 2020, 2022 (despite the pandemic) and 2024 events (and has also now done a recce of every trail, in reverse-direction, in the order of the challenge), gaining valuable first-hand experience even if not running it himself!

The 2021 race was an anniversary event and limited to previous finishers and survivors. This has been a long journey and it is still ongoing. It suits our step-by-step approach just fine.

Join us in breaking this impossible limit, and several others along the way to 2025! Follow along, find your own impossible and take it down. Share your goals, your training and your experience. We want to hear from you!

And the mailbox? That's the finish line.

As you can see, the final loop of the Challenge is around Lantau Island, starting and ending that the Mui Wo Ferry Terminal at the famous post box.

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