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Social Media Experiment

If you're reading this, you probably know me, or Chris, (or both), or maybe not (please let me know) and you've probably also read a post or two from this website (please also let me know).

So, today's post is partially meant to be an experiment with social media. My friend Adam happened to be sat next to me the other day and I caught him looking at one of the pics I posted recently from a run. "Nice pic," he said, "but you should say something about it, like where it was, and whether or not you were out for a run." I thought it was obvious (one should never assume) and I said, "That's what the hashtags are for," to which Adam replied, "You don't have enough hashtags."

Later the same day, another friend posted a comment asking that very question, "Where is this?" the friend asked. It's happened a couple of times actually. Both from people I know and people I don't know. And it's actually quite reasonable, considering I might be anywhere recently. Last year I was in Hong Kong--twice. California, Hawaii and New York a couple of times before that. And just a couple of weeks ago I was in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana (I've been getting out more).

So, for the record, the pictures posted today are from Bothell, Washington State, where I live, on the Burke-Gilman trail next to the Sammamish River, which empties out into Lake Washington. If you've read any of the last three Hails to the Rails posts from Chris, you would probably guess that this trail is part of that and you'd be right (forgive me for not including a map). Let's just say that this morning I was out on the north-east end of Lake Washington where I do most of my runs.

So here is the experiment part of the post: if you're reading this, I'd like to hear from you. Did you get here because you saw a link to this on social media? Which one? Did you come here another way? Have we met before in person or communicated through social media? Are you a trail runner? A martial artist I've trained with? Please email me at and let me know. It will be very helpful to me and Chris, as we continue to train and document our efforts to prepare for the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge next year. Also, as part of this experiment, if you clicked on any of the links on this page, please let me know what you think about the other posts and pictures and whether any of those led you to another. Please also share this post. Thank you in advance--we appreciate your help.

And yes, I'm including more hashtags this time (thanks Adam).

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