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Hot? So what?

These past few days, the first of summer 2021, have been record breaking. No, not in our distance or pace, sadly. But in heat. It’s thermomageddon in the ole PNW!

Nevertheless, we headed out to train. We can never really chose the circumstances we find ourselves in. We can estimate, strategize and plan. However, in the end, we face whatever is there. Including oursevles.

Let’s not be overly philosophical - it simply means: keep training. Keep getting out there. Know how you perform no matter the environment or circumstances. Be so practiced that nothing will disturb your effort and attention.

Where to do such practice? As usual, right out the front door! Despite the bright sun, the first day of mighty solar overlordship, I took a 10 kilometer spin around the greater neighborhood. It’s mostly roadwork, which allowed me to practice versus heat, and also traffic. It was fun in that it was a mostly new route, which turned out to be a little too close to speedy cars for my liking. And now I know for sure - don't go that way.

The second day, I took a tip from a friend and headed to Cherry Creek Falls. The forest was very close, as the hot humid air clung to everything. It also seemed too hot for even the birds to sing. Indeed, I literally crossed paths with an owl (pics below), who had swooped down for a splash and a sip. It let me get within a few meters of it before returning to a perch.

The Falls themselves were a pretty popular location. The locale is gorgeous, the water cool. Naturally, quite a few people had gathered to enjoy. Smart folks!

As usual, Michael and I don’t usually run just for running sake. We like to get out there, drink in some scenery and do that over and over, further and further. This little trip, despite the record breaking heat - perfection!

Tell us about your own little slice of facing a difficult trail ahead and going ahead anyway!

As usual, I also find ways to amuse myself while on the trail. This time, with imaginings of the trolls that must have once inhabited this stretch of woods. How else to explain the destroyed cars, if not carried there by angry trolls protecting their territory? How else to explain the cables of the troll hunters, snapped and mangled by the enraged beasts?

"Rowdy loggers," you might say.

And "Cable yarding," you might add.

But what's the fun in that?

How do you make your outings more amusing?

Kidding aside, I do find the working forest interesting. To look at it, perhaps it seems ageless? Except that most of these trees are only 100 or so years old! Imagine a grove of these towering giants, whose gravestones are their gallows. The notches of the axemen carved into their sides. Calving their own offspring - shrimpy by comparison.

What do you learn and see while out stretching your legs?

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