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Hails to the Rails: Cedar River Trail

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

By now you’ve noticed - I really enjoy running rails to trails. It’s the way they wind through so much, connecting it all. The rails are dead; long live the rails!

Likely, you have a bunch in your area too, thanks to "rail banking." Here's a guide and review for easier enjoyment of the Pacific Northwest rail-trails, and maybe a little inspiration to check out those nearest you!

So, using the 1920s US Department of Transport rail map of Washington below...

Check out these major corridors around the region!

  1. East Sammamish Trail(s) [One on each side of Sammamish river then along east side of Lake Sammamish to Issaquah]

  2. Issaquah- Preston trail (aptly named for the rail line it totally follows).

  3. Cascades to Palouse Trail (formerly Iron Horse trail)

A focus on the Renton to Landsburg corridor!

6. Renton to Secret Forest at Landsburg: Cedar River trail

From downtown Renton, get on the trail here. It is very easy to follow eastwards, as it follows the Cedar River up through Maple Valley. Eventually you will wind up at Landsburg park, where there’s a display about the foundation of Seattle’s water supply. It comes from the Secret Forest, where entry is prohibited for security reasons. It’s sad because in fact, the old railway continues through that forest and connects directly to Rattlesnake Lake!

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