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YouTube Channel: vLog 202201

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Hello Everyone, please click on the picture above, like and subscribe, and stay tuned for future videos. In this first one, we introduce ourselves to people who may, or may not, have been to Breaking Impossible and read our blog posts from the last four years, and explain how and why we are currently training for the Hong Kong Four Trails Ultra Challenge.

The last four months have seen a lot of change for both of us. I have been in Hong Kong for the last few months, after a brief stay in Canada (I had to spend three weeks there in order to be able to enter Hong Kong at that time) and Chris just moved to Sweden. I also left my job in order to be able to leave the country for more than four months and train, and Chris started in new job, with the same company, in a new country. Please join us both on our travels and also share our first video log on our YouTube channel.

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